GRP Multi Surface Overlay

What is FlexiGlass?
GRP multi surface overlay.
Cromar Flexiglass primer encapsulating overlay system is a revolutionary addition to the Cromar range of liquid applied roofing products. Designed to work on a variety of existing roof surfaces, providing a hard wearing and rapid cure solution.

Flexiglass is full compatible with our range of PRO GRP Trims and accessories.

Flexiglass Resin Flexiglass Encapsulating Primer Flexiglass Catalyst Flexiglass Catalyst
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Flexiglass Matting
Product Name Product Code Barcode Image
Flexiglass Fibre Glass Matting – 35kg – 225gm GMAT/225 503668400889 Image
Flexiglass Fibre Glass Matting – 16.5kg – 450gm GMAT/225/16.5 5036684009089 Image
Flexiglass Fibre Glass Matting – 6.75kg – 450gm GMAT/225/6.75 5036684009096 Image
PRO GRP Trims  
Product Name Product Code Barcode Image
Small Drip Trim – 3m – A170 GA170 5036684006323
Standard Drip Trim – 3m – A200 GA200/RSDT-1 5036684006330 Image to follow
Large Drip Trim – 3m – A250 GA250/RSDT-2 5036684006347 Image to follow
Small Raised Edge Trim – 3m – B230 GB230/RSRT-1 5036684006361 Image to follow
Standard Raised Edge Trim – 3m – B260 GB260/RSRT-2 5036684006378 Image to follow
Large Raised Edge Trim – 3m – B300 GB/300 5036684006385
Simulated Lead Flashing Trim – 3m – C100 GC100/RSLT-1 5036684006446
Wall Fillet Trim – 3m – D260 GD260/RSAT-1 5036684006477
Expansion Joint/Roll Mop Trim GEXP 5036684006569
External Raised Angle Trim – 3m – EXT/195 GEXT/195/RS/INT 5036684006576
Internal Raised Angle Trim – 3m – INT/195 GINT/195/RS/INT Image to follow
PRO GRP Corners
Name Product Code Barcode Image
C1 Corner GA/C1 5036684006248
C2 Fillet to Trim Corner Left GA/C2 5036684006255
C2 Fillet to Trim Corner Right GA/C3R 5036684006262
C3 External Fillet Corner GA/C3EXT 5036684006279
C3 Internal Fillet Corner GA/C3INT 5036684006286
C4 Universal Internal Corner GA/C4 5036684006293
C5 Large Roof Ridge Closure – E280 GA/C5 5036684006309
C6 Small Roof Ridge Closure GA/C6 5036684006316
Product Name Product Code Barcode Image
F300 Flat Sheet GF300 5036684006583
Resin Applicator Roller 3″ GROLL/3 5036684006675
Resin Applicator Roller 7″ GROLL/7 5036684006682
Resin Applicator Roller 9″ GROLL/9 5036684006705 Image to follow
Roller Refill 3″ GFILL/3 5036684006590 Image to follow
Roller Refill 7″ GFILL/7 5036684006606 Image to follow
Roller Refill 9″ GFILL/9 5036684006613 Image to follow
Bubble Buster Roller 70mm x 21mm GBB/70 5036684006422
Bubble Buster Roller 140mm x 21mm GBB/140 5036684006392
Bubble Buster Roller 225mm x 21mm GBB/225 5036684006408
Bubble Buster Roller 225mm x 45mm GBB/225/40 5036684006415
Jointing Bandage – 75mm GB/ROLL 5036684006354
GRP Finishing Tissue 100mm x 250m GTISH 5036684006736
Acetone 25 Litre GA/25 5036684003742
Acetone 5 Litre GA/5 5036684003735
80ml Catalyst Dispensing Bottle GDISP/80 5036684006552
Zwaluw Polyflex HM Grey 310ml MPHM/031 5036684008662 Image to follow
GRP Paint Brush 2″ GPB/2 5036684006644
GRP Paint Brush 3″ GPB/3 5036684006651
GRP Paint Brush 4″ GPB/4 5036684006668
10 Litre White Plastic Tub SEMPTY/10 5036684008198
5 Litre White Plastic Tub SEMPTY/501 5036684008204
10 Litre Graduating Bucket GBUCK/10 Barcode
Scangrit Grade 6 Antislip 25kg Bag GSCAN/25 5036684006729