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Cromarflex is a lead substitute manufactured with
a base of EPDM and aluminum expanded metal.
Here the exceptionally flexible and malleable
properties of the metal with the excellent
UV and ozone resistance of EPDM
combine to provide a totally unique product.

• Appearance of lead
• Lighter than lead & Easier to use
• No scrap value - No risk of theft
• 10 Year Guarantee
• 50% quicker to install than lead
• Self adhesive Butyl strip  for ease of application

Cromaflex is designed to replace lead in most modern roofing applications. The product has many advantages over traditional lead flashings for those working in the construction industry,
including the simple and quick installation
process and non-toxic, lightweight material.


Available in 5m rolls:
150mm,225mm,300mm,450mm, 600mm.

150mm 2 per box
All other sizes 1 per box


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